I was thinking of this story for a long time and I knew that since I would be abroad during August, things would become difficult especially because of the weather. So the underwater action would be a great challenge to shoot in a thin swimsuit after two months of absence from my diving activity. Without the love and support of my superman this would not be possible; he literally believes in me more than anyone in this world and this is why today I can share with you part of my self-healing process and maybe inspire more people to try finding their own way of taking care of their body and mind. I believe there’s always a way to find balance and expand through knowledge even when the combination is out of the ordinary. As long as you realize that failing is part of the process you’re on the right track. Keep on working from the heart.

Directed,filmed and edited by Spiros Badios

Additional filming : Dimitris Katranidis

Rigging : Ilias Fotinos