Vikos Gorge

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Extreme Aerial Dance: Katerina Soldatou
Directed and Edited by Spiros Badios
Cinematography: Themistocles Lambridis & Spiros Badios
Rigging / BASE jumper: Vassilis Theodorou
Photography: Antonis Kitsikis & Costas Zissis
Aerial Outfits: Marina Kapola
Hair Styling: Anastasia Soursou


A unique experience while setting a new record at 800m height in the deepest gorge of the world, Vikos. The whole action team had its’ fun as well with everyone bringing their favorite toy to jump off the cliffs, ride fast downhill on longboards or just hike and explore the magnificent ecosystem.

Special Thanks to:
Dimitris Maziotis Zagori Excellence Network Aristi Mountain Resort Pirion Hotel Kanela & Garyfallo, The mushroom restaurant Vassilis Katsoupas Ifigeneia Papathanassi Natasha Gogo

Supported by Aerial Ever After/ Manic Side / The Thing About Greece


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